Administering the VI-SPDAT 2.0

The new and improved VI-SPDAT 2.0 is coming out and organizations across Connecticut will be adopting these changes for their service intake. The webinar and training materials are now available online.

This training is intended to prepare providers and organizations to adapt to the changes and improve overall use of this prioritization and data collection tool. The new VI-SPDAT 2.0, Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool, was developed by OrgCode and Community Solutions and will be incorporated into CT HMIS this January.

This training is meant to guide service providers through the VI-SPDAT 2.0 and help them optimize it’s potential by getting the most honest answers as efficiently as possible. The more accurate and consistent the results, the better we serve our homeless population throughout the state.

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2016 Annual Training Institute:

Save the Date: May 12, 2016
Request for Proposals

The 2016 Annual Training Institute (ATI), “Ready for Zero: Innovation and Sustainable Solutions for Housing” is Connecticut’s premier capacity-building event for organizations working to prevent and end homelessness. At this event, CCEH provides training and information on best practices, national and state-level policy changes, and changes in major systems as they relate to ending homelessness.

This year’s ATI workshops are designed to assist attendees at a critically important point in time as we push toward ending the long-term homelessness of people with disabilities (“chronically homeless”) by the end of 2016. This push will follow on the momentum of Connecticut celebrating the end of all forms of veteran homelessness.

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Connecticut IS Preventing & Ending Homelessness

Connecticut is a national leader in the effort to end homelessness.  In August of 2015, Connecticut made history when we became the first state to end the long term homelessness of veterans with disabilities.  We are also on track, through the Governor’s Zero: 2016 initiative, to end the long-term homelessness of all Connecticut residents with severe disabilities by the end of this year.

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