‘No Veteran should be without a place to call home’


On Wednesday, July 29, CCEH Executive Director Lisa Tepper Bates testified before the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs about Connecticut’s efforts to end homelessness of veterans.

“Our homeless service providers and our colleagues who serve veterans have proudly embraced the goal of ending veteran homelessness by the end of 2015. We know this ambitious goal is achievable in Connecticut, and we hope it is achievable across the nation. Our confidence that we can end veteran homelessness in Connecticut is rooted in the productive, cross-sector collaboration that powers our efforts.”

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100-Day Challenge served providers as well

CCEH Executive Director Lisa Tepper Bates notes that the 100-Day Challenges to End Homelessness recently undertaken across the state did more than house over 600 previously homeless individuals and families. It brought together more than 140 agencies to work together in new ways.

“Our work to end homelessness is often as difficult as it is important.  It is inspiring to learn new ways to think about our work from each other, and heartening to build new bonds of friendship to strengthen us on this path!”

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