Harm Reduction:

Harm reduction is a perspective and set of practical, evidence based strategies used to reduce the negative consequences of drug use or to any behavior that is resulting in negative consequences, incorporating a spectrum of strategies from safer use to abstinence.

Harm Reduction is a national best practice and part of a Housing First model. Harm reduction does not intend to minimize the real dangers associated with drug use or how they impact lives, however is a framework that understands that relapse is not a sign of failure but a common part of the recovery process. 

Recorded Webinar

Harm Reduction Recorded Webinar

Harm Reduction PowerPoint

Additional Resources

Department of Consumer Protection: Naloxone Map

Naloxone is a brand name Narcan®, a life-saving drug that can halt overdoses. This is a map of all the pharmacists in Connecticut who are certified to prescribe Naloxone. 

AID-CT: Harm Reduction Resource Page

AIDS-CT’s resource page on harm reduction provides helpful information and resources to learn more and get involved.