Department of Correction Resources

CCEH has partnered with the Department of Correction, Court Support Services Division, regional providers from Connecticut’s seven Coordinated Access Networks, and other key partners working with the re-entry population to launch the Department of Correction (DOC) Re-entry Housing Assistance program. Through this program, DOC discharge and re-entry planning staff work with clients prior to discharge to identify housing options for clients who they identify as at-risk of becoming homeless.

DOC Re-entry Housing Assistance Program

CCEH welcomes the opportunity to partner with DOC staff to make sure every person leaving the prison system has the opportunity to re-enter society stably housed. DOC discharge and re-entry planning staff are encouraging to work with clients who they identify as potentially homeless to identify housing alternatives. Under the newly created DOC Re-Entry Housing Assistance Program, DOC staff unable to find alternatives can refer clients directly to their local Coordinated Access Network (CAN). CAN staff will in turn conduct a pre-release appointment during which they will support clients in developing a housing plan. Upon release, CAN staff will assist in implementing the housing plan by working with the client and any additional partners identified by the Department of Correction or Court Support Services Division to support the client with additional medical, mental health, and substance use disorder needs.

DOC Re-entry Guide