This page will provide resources for providers to improve their data quality. This will include how-to guides, short videos, and other best practices. Check back frequently for updates.

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SPM/APR Clean Up Guides

Guides for correcting HMIS data issues for Length of Stay, Date Homelessness Started, and Move-in Date.

Date Homelessness Started Clean Up Guide
Emergency Shelter Length of Stay Clean Up Guide
PSH RRH Move in Date Clean Up Guide
TH SH Length of Stay Clean Up Guide
Missing Exit Destination Clean Up Guide

Data Quality Management Plan and Resource Guide

2021 Data Quality Management Plan
The CT HMIS Data Quality Management Plan provides information on the importance of data quality, roles and responsibilities of supporting partners, and data quality standards.

Data Quality Management Plan Resource Guide
The Data Quality Management Plan Resource Guide is a comprehensive guide with links to general HMIS data entry guidance as well as resources for correcting common data quality issues.

2022 HUD Data Standards Manual and Data Dictionary

FY 2022 HMIS Data Standards Manual – Version 1.2
The HMIS Data Manual supports data collection and reporting efforts of HMIS Users, HMIS Lead Agencies, and CoCs to help them understand the data elements that are required in an HMIS to meet participation and reporting requirements established by HUD and the federal partners.

FY 2022 HMIS Data Dictionary – Version 1.2
The HMIS Data Dictionary identifies the data elements required in an HMIS as well as the function and specific use of each element.

How-to Guides

HMIS Data Coordinator (HDC) User Access Report

How to Run the Access Report
User Access Report Procedures

How to Run the 2020 Annual Performance Report (APR)

Video guidance for 2020 APR
How to Run an APR Report 
How to Read an APR Report
Annual Assessment Guide

How to Enter COVID-19 Test Results in HMIS Video

How to Enter COVID Test Results in HMIS

CAN Appointment Outcome Changes 

CAN Appointment Policies and Outcomes
CT CAN Appointments Dashboard Updates Notice