The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, in partnership with members and communities throughout the state, creates change through leadership, advocacy, and building the capacity of members and the field to respond to environmental challenges. Our collective mission is to prevent and end homelessness in Connecticut.


Connecticut has the 6th highest housing cost in the nation. Many low-income households hover on the brink of homelessness. More than 2,900 people are homeless on any given night in Connecticut– nearly 1 in 5 are children. Connecticut’s emergency shelters are full beyond capacity, and yet many people experiencing homelessness must live on the streets or in places not fit for habitation. Homelessness is expensive: it costs our public systems (emergency services, hospitals, and schools) more to leave our neighbors homeless than it does to help them secure housing and provide them the supports to keep it.

What We Do:

CCEH represents more than 75 members – emergency shelter providers, transitional housing providers, community and business leaders, and strategic partners – who share the goal of ending homelessness. In partnership with communities throughout the state, CCEH advances this goal through leadership, community organizing, advocacy, research, and education.

What does CCEH Provide?

CCEH works to prevent and end homelessness statewide through 5 main work areas:

1. Research and Analysis:

CCEH is Connecticut’s source for current, comprehensive research and analysis on homelessness. We manage the statewide Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). We lead the annual “Point-in-Time Count,” a statewide one-night snapshot of homelessness.

2. Advocacy and Strategic Communications:

CCEH provides a voice for homeless service providers in Hartford, across Connecticut and in Washington, working to educate the public and policy makers on the problem, the solutions, and the resources we need to end homelessness.

3. Community Connections:

CCEH provides grassroots organizing and technical assistance for Community Plans to End Homelessness. We help providers and community stakeholders work together – more effectively and efficiently – to end homelessness through embracing best practices and working as a team.

4. Training, Technical Assistance, and Leadership Development:

CCEH supports service providers with education, training, and networking opportunities. We provide best-practices guidance and help providers implement the most effective approaches to use scarce resources to end homelessness.

5. Emergency Assistance:

CCEH offers emergency assistance through direct service providers across the state to individuals and families facing homelessness so they can transition quickly from homelessness to housing.