Guide to the 2017 CT Youth Count!

In 2015, Connecticut conducted the first statewide count of homeless youth. The count was a great success, helping to identify 3,000 homeless and unstably housed youth, many of whom likely would never have entered homeless shelters.

Building on that success, CT will hold a second Youth Count in January, 2017. Through close collaboration between homeless services, youth agencies, and other stakeholders in the community we hope to hold a more comprehensive count, which will give an accurate scope of the magnitude, needs, and demographics of homeless youth in CT.

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Table of Contents

The Role of the Youth Engagement Team Initiatives (YETIs)

  1. Key Partnerships
  2. Engaging and Incorporating Youth
  3. YETI Reports

Methodology behind the Youth Count

  1. School Engagement
  2. Come and Be Counted
  3. Organizational Connections
  4. Hotspots
  5. Snow Contingency Planning


  1. Recruitment
  2. Scheduling
  3. Training

Communication Material

  1. Spreading the Word
  2. Volunteer Recruitment
  3. Engaging Locations
  4. Ways to Contribute
  5. Follow-up Materials
  6. Survey Incentives