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CCEH E Newsletter - July/August 2011

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    July 01 2011
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About this Publication

CCEH's July/August 2011 e-News update.

  • Spotlight: Success Story. Greater Bridgeport Rapid Re-Housing Pilot results in Housing Stability for Families


  • CCEH goes to Washington.
  • 2011 Fall Internships at the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness.
  • CCEH LEAD Trainings.

State Policy and Advocacy Updates

  • State Budget

Federal Policy and Advocacy Updates

  • Push for Fiscal Year 2012 McKinney Funding.
  • House Financial Services Committee Holds Section 8 Hearing.
  • HUD Releases FY 2011 Income Limits.
  • Central Intake Resource.
  • Homelessness in Connecticut.
  • Youth Homelessness in Connecticut
  • Section 8 Housing Assistance Program Not Growing.
  • Brief on Homelessness Among Young Mothers.

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