Volunteer for the Point-In-Time Count!

January, 22 2019

Homelessness is a solvable problem and we need your help to get there.

Join us, and hundreds of volunteers throughout the state of Connecticut, in making a difference in the lives of homeless men, women, and children throughout Connecticut by taking part in the nation’s annual count of people experiencing homelessness. The Point-In-Time (PIT) Count is conducted each year in January.

There are thousands of individuals and families in shelter at any time, and hundreds more living without shelter in Connecticut. Only by knowing who, where, and how many people are experiencing homeless in Connecticut can we plan and identify the resources needed to best serve the most vulnerable, and ultimately move families and individuals into permanent housing.

Volunteer Details
Complete the form below and we will pass your information along to the regional coordinator for the area(s) you selected. You will be contacted early in the new year with information including upcoming PIT volunteer training dates. All volunteers are asked to attend at least one training session where the survey application will be downloaded to their smart phone in preparation for the count. The PIT Count is conducted across the state on the exact same day, however volunteer trainings and PIT Count survey hours vary according to each region. The Count could start as early as 7 pm in some areas, later at night/midnight, or very early in the morning from 4-7 AM. Volunteers are asked to conduct surveys for at least 2-3 hours during the count. On the day/night of the count, volunteers will hit the streets administering surveys to people potentially experiencing homelessness as a part of a team led by a member of Connecticut’s homeless service-provider community.
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